Comenzi cs 1 6 amxmodx

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Half-Life and Counter-Strike CVar list This is the cvarlist from, so all hail goes to them. This is just a 'mirror' so people can access this information easily and for free. Additionaly I do provide a jsonified version of the entire data set, which can be easily used to create own tools or such. A fost rezolvata problema de conectare cu client Steam original la serverele facute cu Server Creator. In plus am adaugat Metamod 1.19 si amx Mod X 1.8.1. Trebue doar activate prin adaugarea unei linii in liblist.gam. Patch protocol 47+48 pentru servere CS 1.6. A aparut mult asteptatul patch Steam+Non Steam pentru serverele de Counter Strike 1.6. Fisierul QuakeSounds.sma il puneti in addons/amxmodx/scripting 2. (se adauga in fisierul amxmodx\configs\amxx.cfg): Nu are Comenzi administrative (se tasteaza in consola si trebuie sa fiti administrator): Nu are Comenzi publice (se tasteaza in joc prin Plugins for cs 1.6 servers. Addons CS 1.6 [13] Addons for Cs 1.6. Models CS 1.6 [5.

Comenzi cs 1 6 amxmodx

Step 1: Installing AMX Mod and Metamod. Metamod-P 1.21p37 is included with AMX Mod 2010. If you already have Metamod installed, simply extract the amx folder from the AMX Mod 2010 download and put it in your addons folder and skip ahead to Step 2.. A. Download AMX Mod 2010 from the AMX Mod Site B. Extract the zip file to your mod folder. For example, if the game you play is Counter-Strike. Mar 25, 2011 · comenzi admin amx mod, server cs. Cele mai populare comenzi admin counter strike 1.6. Jun 12, 2010 · Bueno despues que hicieron esto, entran al counter strike y bajan consola Y ponen setinfo _pw 123456 donde dice 123456 ponen el password que pusieron en "BlackEvil" "123456". comenzi cs 1 6 amxmodx

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