Standard conforming strings jdbc

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A solution is to force the standard_conforming_strings to "on" in JDBC connections and to stop double-backslashing in rails. It allows to support both versions 9.0 and 9.1. Please use the [email protected] mailing list if at all possible. [davec] - Dave Cramer ( Standard escaped functions {fn () } Oliver Siegmar Work with standard_conforming_strings = on. Mikko Tiihonen Improve speed of parsing ResultSet data. You can place the JDBC driver jar in the conf/lib folder, it will be automatically loaded. database.driverClassName he class name of the database driver to be used. database.url The JDBC connection URL for your database/driver. Add standard_conforming_strings=off to your postgresql.xml, otherwise you will get ""Invalid escape string Hint.

Standard conforming strings jdbc

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