Tales of xillia 2 dlc xbox

Written by Akigami on 17.12.2020 in Personaes with 3 comments.

Uh, and now i have another question: can i buy pre-order DLC bonus costumes for both Xillia's as codes somewhere? I think Xillia 1's codes expired already. If not, you're only chance I finding someone on e-Bay or something. Xillia 2's the same deal, but I think their codes still have some months left. Set to launch later this month, Tales of Xillia one of the biggest PlayStation 3 exclusives of the summer. Those yet to register their interest in the videogame are being offered a new incentive to do so, reflecting the choice of host format. The next batch of DLC will be up next week. August 20th for NA, and August 21st for EU. That was confirmed through the Tales Series facebook page earlier today.

Tales of xillia 2 dlc xbox

Unboxing Tales of Xillia 2’s Special Edition tales of xillia 2 dlc xbox

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