Ibm data db2 dllc

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This.NET Framework Class Library is provided by IBM. The main functionality of the class library is contained in the file IBM.Data.DB2.dll. Add a reference to the assembly IBM.Data.DB2 and include the IBM.Data.DB2 namespace. Instantiate a new DB2Connection connection object. Set the connection string and open the connection. My project is a ASP.NET 2.0 application that connects to DB2 on mainframe using IBM DB2.NET Data Provider (IBM.Data.DB2.dll) Version= It works great when run on 32-bit windows. But when I recently hosted the application on 64 bit windows,the DB2 connection just failed with below error. May 14, 2020 · (ibm db2 odbc driver - db2copy1, c:\progra~1\ibm\sqllib\bin\db2clio.dll)." The same happened when using the data source in my 64bit R application. As R comes with both, a 32bit and a 64bit installation, I also tried to connect to Db2 from the 32bit R console.

Ibm data db2 dllc

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