Kerser live spit firefox

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Find the Import bookmarks and settings button under the Basic heading on the Settings tab. Again, you get a choice of browsers, with Chrome and Firefox . Kerser is a well-known battle rapper in Australia, appearing on circuits such as Got Beef, Grind Time Now Australia and Real Talk Battle League. Between 2010 and 2012, he only lost two battles (to Zone Doubt and Jay Legend respectively), excluding a well-publicised battle against 360 in December 2011, [5] where no official winner was announced. Facts about Rapper Kerser - age: 33, height, Salary, famous birthday, birthplace, horoscope, fanpage, before fame and family, all about Kerser's personal life, and more.

Kerser live spit firefox

Kerser "Feelin Like": I don't wanna live my life no more I ain't wanna be a victim of the shout out war It ain't Kers if I ain't spit the real shit I've seen the bitter shit that's why I give you bad stares I try and block but the memories are trapped there Got money coming trust me that ain't bring happiness. Dec 28, 2014 · Emcee Kerser's exclusive live spit on Triple J's Hip Hop Show. kerser live spit firefox

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